Planning conditions

The building is in the center of Bełżyce, 16 km from Lublin.

According to the Local Development Plan, the plot is marked as a service development area.

Property description

The property includes a plot of land no. 306/1 with an area of 534 m 2 .

There is an office building in a partially fenced area with a usable area of 825.7 m 2 . The facility has 4 floors with a basement. Inside the building, there are various areas (including offices, larger rooms), social, utility and technical rooms.

A paved square with parking spaces on the plot. The plot is located at the intersection of two streets, which ensures perfect exposure of the premises located on the ground floor. Property with access from Zamkowa Street.
The facility is connected to the plumbing and heated from the municipal network.


  • 5 m - City Hall
  • 150 m - discount grocery store, Municipal House of Culture
  • 200 m - Market Square
  • 500 m - City Stadium
  • 1 km - two large food discount stores
  • 16 km - Lublin


Sales assumptions

The condition for the sale of real estate is the establishment of a limited property right in favor of Orange for the technical infrastructure relating to:
• an area of 218.91 m² in the building, on a use-by basis
• 6.6 m² of land in the ground, based on the transmission easement
• 15.5 m² on the roof and façade, on a use-by-use basis

Moreover, for the benefit of Poczta Polska, OPR was established on the area of 159.56 m².

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