Planning conditions

According to the Local Development Plan, most of the plots are located entirely within the area marked in the plan by the symbol 19.TT, for which the function is determined - the areas of telecommunications facilities. Plot 449/1 is located in the area marked in the plan with the symbol 18.ZP, plot 449/2 is located in the areas marked in the plan with the symbol 19.TT and 21.MN (a small fragment).
Investment opportunities: office, educational institution.

Property description

Building complex with parking in an attractive location.

Plots with a total area of 7 304 m 2 developed with 5 buildings with a total usable area of 9 040 m 2 .

The complex includes:

-building A with an area 1,638.9 m² (2 floors, basement)
-B building with an area 3,128.4 m² (5 floors, basement)
- CDE building with an area 3,879.9 m² (4 floors, basement)
-building F with an area 161.2 m² (warehouse functions)
-building Ł with an area 231.6 m 2 (link between building A and B)

Buildings A, B and CDE have office, utility and social space. In building B there are also conference rooms and a call center. Each of the A, B and CDE buildings has a basement. Storage space in the underground storey in the CDE buildings.

The shape of the plot is irregularly shaped. On the west side and on the inner patio, there is a car park with a total of approx. 50 spaces. Main entrance to the property from ul. Polna, adjacent to the plot from the east. The second entry from ul. View.


- 100 m - ul. Grunwaldzka - the main communication artery of the city
- 300 m - public transport stops
- 800 m - PKP railway station
- multi-family residential buildings
- retail and service points


Sales assumptions

The condition of the sale is the establishment of limited property rights securing the right to use and access of Orange Polska SA to the teletechnical infrastructure located within the property:

- Area 786.11 m 2 in buildings on a use-by-use basis plus 52.6 m 2 temporary use until after-sales work is completed
- On the roof of the office and technical building (blocks B and Ł) there is a technical infrastructure used for the needs of air defense services - the total area of the roofs - 719.46 m 2 .

On the facade of the office and technical building and building F, there is technical infrastructure used for the needs of OPL: air conditioner condensers - area 2 m 2 and SWiN signaling device, two fans in the windows of the ground floor, a place for installing a tube at the entrance to the building, a chimney of exhaust gases from the aggregate, a launcher air of the unit, venting fuel tanks, main power switch.

Transmission easement for condensers for OPL - 2.00 m 2 .

The rest of the infrastructure on the facade has been dimensioned to provide access for OPL - it is not included in the transmission easement. It is necessary to ensure the right of access to the above-mentioned elements of teletechnical infrastructure, for the purpose of their free operation, renovation, repair, expansion and improvement,

- in the ground, on the principle of transmission easement - 450.35 m 2
- on the ground, on the basis of use -11.88 m 2

- on the facade, on a use basis -13.10 m 2


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