Planning conditions

According to the Study of the conditions and directions of spatial development of the city - Resolution No. XVII / 470/12 of the Szczecin City Council of March 26, 2012.

Planning unit - SP11

- dominant function - services

- complementary functions - arranged greenery

Property description

Large office space in a great place, in the centre of Szczecin.

The property comprises plots with a total area of 12,519 m 2 .

In the partially fenced area, there is a large office building with a usable area of 14,845.40 m 2 and a smaller warehouse with a garage - 1175.70 m 2 and the warehouse itself (55 m 2). Office building with various storeys - from 4 to 6. Inside, there are various office spaces in a cabinet layout, training and conference rooms as well as social, utility and technical rooms.

From the side of al. There is a car park with 56 parking spaces on Wyzwolenia Street, surrounded by a green belt, and from Staszica Street, on the inner square, with 50 parking spaces. In addition, there is space for 30 cars in front of the warehouse and garage building from Staszica Street. A property with excellent exposure intended for office and service purposes.

The property includes:

  • office building with an area of: 14 845.40 m 2
  • warehouse building with a garage with a total area of 1175.70 m 2
  • warehouse building with an area of 55 m 2

The total usable area of the buildings is 16,076.1 m 2 .


  • 100 m - bus stop
  • 200 m - three large discount stores
  • 250 m - tram stop
  • 250 m - "Manhattan" market
  • 850 m - "Galaxy Centrum" shopping centre
  • 2 km - national road No. 10
  • 2.5 km - railway station "Szczecin Główny"
  • 40 km - Szczecin-Goleniów Airport



Possible use of the property

The architectural concept assumes:

1. Reconstruction, superstructure and change of use of an office building into an aparthotel. Total area: 17 490 m 2 (overground part) / 1 943 m 2 (underground part).

2. Construction of a residential building with commercial premises on the ground floor on the side of al. Liberation (2 versions). Total area: 5,070 m2 / 6,890 m2 ( overground part) and 2,550 m2 / 3,481 m2 ( underground part).

3. Construction of a service and office building from the side of ul. S. Staszic. Total area: 5 040 m 2 (overground part) / 3 632 m 2 (underground part).

4. Location of a total of about 220 parking spaces in underground garages.

As part of the investment, direct access will be maintained:

- from the side of al. Wyzwolenia - reconstruction of the existing exit to the plot and construction of a new one for the needs of a fire road and an underground garage for a newly designed residential and service building,

- from the side of ul. S. Staszica - reconstruction of the existing exit to the plot and construction of a new exit to the internal courtyard for the adapted existing building and the newly designed service and office facility.

Orange Polska SA stipulates that the real property data specified in this offer, specifying its investment potential, in particular with regard to the given PUM / PUU values, constitute an estimate of Orange Polska SA and may differ from the actual values. Due to the above, these data do not constitute a binding element of the offer.

The developed architectural concept presents possible spatial solutions for shaping the cubic capacity of buildings. It does not constitute a construction design and is not supported by research and expert opinions. Implementation will require the development of such a project and obtaining a permit in accordance with applicable law.

Sales assumptions

The condition for the sale of real estate is the establishment of a Limited Property Law for the technical infrastructure relating to:

1) 1199.03 m 2 in buildings, on the basis of use

2) of 670.21 m 2 in the ground, on the principle of transmission easement

3) an area of 5.2 m2 on the ground, on the basis of use

4) an area of 78.8 m 2 on the facade, on the basis of use

5) 8.5 m 2 on the roof, on the basis of use

Poczta Polska occupies rooms with a total usable area of: 452.30 m 2

Ultimately, the limited property right in the form of the right of use to be established by OPL for Poczta Polska, will cover the premises on the ground floor of the Office Building with a total area of: 376.50 m 2 (OPR)

The premises with a total area of 75.80 m 2 will be used by Poczta Polska on the basis of a lease agreement.

OPL guarantees Poczta Polska the right to pass, access and park marked company cars of Poczta Polska on part of plot no. 15/8 for the duration of official activities carried out in the office building.

Information for developers

Investment project. The real estate and the transaction related to it are not included in the scope of contracts for the provision of real estate brokerage services by OPL.
Brokers who are interested in cooperation in the sale of the above real estate, please contact us to conclude a separate agreement.

These materials do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the provisions Of the Civil Code, or any part of such an offer or any other the contract. All information contained in the materials is provided in good faith, however, cannot be considered as representations or assurances as to any circumstances.