Planning conditions

Study of the Conditions and Directions of Spatial Development of the city of Toruń of May 18, 2006 for registration plots no. 49/12 and 51/7, precinct 0051 located in the central, downtown part of the city within the structural area with the predominant purpose - multi-family housing. Area for the implementation of general city services (office and retail).

For a small part of the plot no. 51/7 (precinct 51) the basic designation was established: "communication - public road - collective street" and the admissible designation: "technical infrastructure devices, greenery".

Property description

Property with the possibility of expansion, in a convenient location in Toruń.

The property includes plots no .:

  • 49/12 with an area of 4790 m 2
  • 51/7 with an area of 387 m 2

The total area of the land is 5177 m 2 .

There is an office building on the property, 4-storey (3 overground storeys plus 1 underground storey) with a total usable area of 3,606.00 m 2 . The building has offices in a cabinet layout, open space, a conference room, as well as social and technical rooms. The building was modernized and is now in a good standard. New aluminum windows, lighting and carpeting, suspended ceilings in offices, installed air conditioning, panel heaters, renovated toilets and break rooms. A property with a very large arrangement potential (extension, reconstruction as needed). The building is square-shaped with an internal courtyard constituting a parking lot , the plot is partially fenced. The property has two entry gates, including one emergency.

The facility is equipped with a mechanical ventilation system - the most effective form of air exchange. During the ventilation process, the exhaust air does not mix with the supply air, so you can breathe cleaner, filtered air. The big advantage of the system is also energy savings of up to 50-80%.


  • 150 m - public transport stop
  • 150 m - numerous service and commercial points (large grocery store, electronics and household appliances store, DIY store)
  • 250 m - DK80
  • 4 km - the Old Town
  • 6 km - A1 motorway



Possible use of the property

The architectural concept assumes:

  • reconstruction and superstructure as well as partial demolition of a technical and office building with its adaptation to a multi-family residential building with service premises on the ground floor (trade, gastronomy, health services, banking services, offices, education services, etc.)
  • construction of a new multi-family residential building with commercial premises on the ground floor and a garage on the underground floor

The investment has been divided into 2 zones:


It includes a fragment of the plot of land no. 49/12 with an area of 1,888 m².

The area features an existing 4-storey office and technical building (1 underground floor, 3 above-ground floors), which has been partially demolished, leaving the premises belonging to Orange. The remaining part was added with one overground storey. The facility was rebuilt for the needs of a residential function with service premises on the ground floor level. The concept assumes obtaining approx. 2,900 m 2 of usable space in the building and the construction of above-ground parking spaces.


It includes a part of the land plot no. 49/12 (area 2896 m²) and the land record no. 51/7 (area 387 m²) with a total area of approx. 3289 m².

A 7-storey multi-family residential building has been designed in the area. There is a car park in the underground part. On the ground floor there are commercial premises for rent. The concept provides for the acquisition of approximately 5,300 sq m of usable space in the building and the construction of above-ground and underground parking spaces. Access to the site is provided by a newly designed entry from ul. Ignacy Łyskowski.

A valid WZ decision has been issued for the implementation of the investment (available for inspection after contact with the seller).

Orange Polska SA stipulates that the real property data specified in this offer, specifying its investment potential, in particular with regard to the given PUM / PUU values, constitute an estimate of Orange Polska SA and may differ from the actual values. Due to the above, these data do not constitute a binding element of the offer.

The developed architectural concept presents possible spatial solutions for shaping the cubic capacity of buildings. It does not constitute a construction design and is not supported by research and expert opinions. Implementation will require the development of such a project and obtaining a permit in accordance with applicable law.


Sales assumptions

The condition of the sale is the establishment of limited rights in rem to access the telecommunications infrastructure remaining within the property, it applies to:

  • of the area of 409.8 m 2 in the building, on the basis of use
  • area of 179.06 m 2 in the ground, on the principle of transmission easement
  • area of 12.25 m 2 on the ground, on the basis of use
  • area of 6.74 m 2 on the facade, on a use basis

It is possible to work out, together with the investor, a project to optimize the space occupied by the telecommunications infrastructure. As part of the solution, the devices (all or part) can be moved to a dedicated surface. If you are interested, please contact the Sales Advisor.

Information for developers

Investment project. The real estate and the transaction related to it are not included in the scope of contracts for the provision of real estate brokerage services.
Brokers who are interested in cooperation in the sale of the above real estate, please contact us to conclude a separate agreement.

These materials do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the provisions Of the Civil Code, or any part of such an offer or any other the contract. All information contained in the materials is provided in good faith, however, cannot be considered as representations or assurances as to any circumstances.