Planning conditions

Building complex ideal for mixesd-use in the city center - Concept!

According to the Local Development Plan for the City of Tychy, the real estate is located in the area of: 6U, for which:

  • intended use: service development with the exception of:

- waste management, including waste collection and processing points,

- wholesale trade, warehouses, warehouses, transport bases,

- car washes,

- motor vehicle showrooms,

- repair or diagnostic stations for vehicles, transport devices or their parts,

- petrol stations

Property description

Building complex in the center.

The property includes plots with a total area of 10,115 m 2 .

Plot No. 1522/83 developed with a building consisting of 5 segments with a total area of 5544.64 m 2 . The remaining plots serve as access roads and a car park. Segments of various storeys between 4-1.

The plot has a shape similar to a rectangle with a cut-off corner. There is a U-shaped building in the central part. The inner courtyard serves as a car park. The building development area covers approx. 37% of the area of the property. The rest of the area is mostly paved with cobblestones or asphalt and used as pedestrian paths and parking.

The property is accessed from the north, directly from Al. John Paul II. The main entrance to the building from the north-east, additional from the inner courtyard.

Thanks to the appropriate telecommunications infrastructure, the property is suitable for a data center.


  • 300 m - bus stop
  • 700 m - Municipal Sports and Recreation Center
  • 900 m - a railway stop of Szybka Kolej Regionalnej
  • 900 m - City Point Tychy Shopping Center
  • 1 km - Town Hall in Tychy
  • 1.6 km - the City Park
  • 3.5 km - Lake Paprocany
  • 50 km - Katowice-Pyrzowice International Airport




Possible use of the property

It is possible to build an office complex with a total area of 18,000 m 2 , consisting of four buildings with underground garages, on the property. A retail and service part is planned on the ground floors - restaurants and shops that will be used by office users and local residents. The concept provides for the possibility of dividing the property into 4 plots with access to a public road.

The complex forms a whole, with each building being a separate investment. To achieve visual consistency, the same exterior finish has been adopted. The new façade connects all building segments to form a uniform body.

The structure of the building complex is based on a juxtaposition of four blocks, the shape and mutual location of which result from the plot outline and the provisions of the local plan. The central point of the complex are internal streets-promenades that divide the complex into four parts. There are arcades on the ground floors along the promenades. In this space there will be arranged greenery, benches and cafe tables. It will be a recreational space for the users of the complex and for residents of nearby buildings. On the north-eastern side, there is an entrance square, whose shape invites users to the interior of the common space. Due to the differences in the terrain and the surrounding streets, the main entrances to the buildings are located on the side of the common space and the representative square.

In the common space zone, there will be a public promenade with greenery and benches. There may be small restaurants or cafes on the ground floors of all buildings, in the vicinity of the common space. It will be a meeting place for building users and residents of the surrounding buildings.

As part of the investment, a total of 552 parking spaces have been designed (71 above-ground and 451 underground spaces).

The property, thanks to the appropriate telecommunications infrastructure, is also suitable for a data center.

Orange Polska SA stipulates that the real property data specified in this offer, specifying its investment potential, in particular with regard to the given PUM / PUU values, constitute an estimate of Orange Polska SA and may differ from the actual values. Due to the above, these data do not constitute a binding element of the offer.

The developed architectural concept presents possible spatial solutions for shaping the cubic capacity of buildings. It does not constitute a construction design and is not supported by research and expert opinions. Implementation will require the development of such a project and obtaining a permit in accordance with applicable law.


Sales assumptions

The condition for the sale of real estate is the establishment of a Limited Property Law for the technical infrastructure relating to:

  • of 898.74 m 2 in buildings, on a use basis
  • area of 443.74 m 2 in the ground, on the principle of transmission easement
  • area of 32 m 2 on the roof, on the basis of use
  • of the area of 33 m 2 on the facade, on the basis of use

It is possible to work out, together with the investor, a project to optimize the space occupied by the telecommunications infrastructure. As part of the solution, the devices (all or part) can be moved to a dedicated surface. If you are interested, please contact the Sales Advisor.

Information for developers

Investment project. The real estate and the transaction related to it are not included in the scope of contracts for the provision of real estate brokerage services.
Brokers who are interested in cooperation in the sale of the above real estate, please contact us to conclude a separate agreement.

These materials do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the provisions Of the Civil Code, or any part of such an offer or any other the contract. All information contained in the materials is provided in good faith, however, cannot be considered as representations or assurances as to any circumstances.